The Venitra Collection

Three strands elegantly hang studded with Swarovski crystals and pearls, blue goldstone, and a delicate sterling silver chain. This trio of blue harmony is graced with a large glittering blue goldstone pendant set in 18k white gold.

All chains are adjustable in length, and are uniquiely separable creating three possible necklaces.

Tribal Sophisticate Collection

Color and texture from the rough are refined in this collection of red agate and amber stones accented by lime green glass beads and bright sterling silver elements. Explore the possible coordination of your wardrobe with these pieces which will add a sophisticated feel to even your most casual garments. Bracelets and necklace are adjustable in length.

Tribal Sophisticate Single Bracelet

Tribal Sophisticate Double Bracelet

Tribal Sophisticate Necklace

Geometric Anthology

A collection of circles, squares, spheres, and cones converge to create a concave line of varying gray and amber hues. This plane of Swarovski pearls, amber glass, and marbled stones are congruent to a stunning addition to any outfit.

A matching necklace may be designed upon request.

Pink Iced

Originally designed as a child's bracelet, Pink Iced is the perfect choice for a young lady. Simply designed in soft pink frost, she is royalty as dangling beads heighten her every move. This bracelet is adjustable so the princess can continue to wear it as she grows up.
A matching necklace can be designed upon request.

Midnight Stardust

The evening sky is adorned with sterling silver highlights, deep blue gems, and mysterious gray orbs. Enjoy this display of universal splendor created by Swarovski crystals and pearls. Adjustable in length.

A matching necklace may be designed upon request.

Raspberry Cream Bracelet Collection

The Raspberry Cream Bracelet Collection is ripe for the picking with deep swirls contrasted by the highlight of bright sterling silver and soft pink glass rondelles. Amethyst marbled glass beads compliment dark gray Swarovski pearls. Decorated by a cluster of dangling beads, all bracelets are adjustable in length.

A matching necklace may be designed upon request.

Raspberry Cream

Raspberry Cream Clusters

Winter Frost

Winter Frost sparkles with abundant clusters of acrylic, seed, and glass beads, accented by sterling sliver cubes crocheted together by a tangle of black wire. At every turn of the wrist, light is reflected by bead facets giving a pink frosted illusion. Held together by a silver toned lobster clasp, this froth of glitter can be slightly adjusted by stretching or scrunching the wire wound bracelet evenly.
Winter Frost Bracelet: $28
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Winter Abstract

Winter Abstract is comprised of a casually random arrangement of acrylic, glass, sterling silver, and marbled beads engineered on a contemporary wire.
Soft pinks scattered amidst silver and gray are the perfect match for any outfit of gray, black, neutral tans or soft pinks.
Winter Abstract Bracelet: $20
Winter Abstract Necklace: $30
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Autumn Fire

Autumn Fire is a lariat style necklace whose crowning feature is suspended as a cluster of autumn leaves. The eclectic collection includes glass and acrylic beads joined by antiqued brass chain. Genuine fresh water pearls and mother of pearl faced coins enhance the vintage quality of this uniquely designed piece of jewelry.
Autumn Fire Necklace: $35
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